ADVENTURE INDONESIA - Carstensz Pyramid Guide Team is NOT ONLY for guiding (climbing) but also take care off our clients. During trekking expedition they help to manage the 'difficullt' local porters, deal with local people which claim 'the owner of the mountain',  so the expedition run smooth and all tem reach base camp on time.

Poxy ( Jeni Dainga ) - Carstesnz Pyramid Guide 

We are delighted to share great news that our climbing guide Poxi has succefully reached his 100th summit on Carstensz Pyramid. Poxi now holds the record for reaching the summit of Carstensz Pyramid, the highest peak of the Oceania continent, more than any other person. We are all proud of you, Poxi! Bravo!!. - 100% Record

Here's a picture of Poxy stood at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid together with our Carstensz Pyramid climbers.

102 Summits

Joshua Noya (Josh) - Carstensz Pyramid Guide 

54 Expeditions,  54 Summits

Meydi Pesak  / Co Guide:

44 Expeditions, 44 Summits

Meldy Senduk (Meldy):  
​​​​​​​24 Expeditions, 17 Times Leading, 21 Summits